GoFishPI 2024

Uniting Pacific Islander Communities through Heritage and Advocacy

The GoFishPI program is an innovative initiative by Living Islands, designed to forge a state-wide Pacific Islander advisory council that resonates deeply with the heritage and values of our community. At the heart of GoFishPI is the recognition of the rich history and cultural significance of fishing in Pacific Islander traditions and the desire to intertwine these elements with contemporary needs and advocacy.

Through GoFishPI, we aim to create a platform that not only celebrates our shared fashion and ancestral fishing practices but also addresses the modern challenges faced by our communities. The program is structured to empower its members, the GoFishPI Ambassadors, to be the voice and representatives of our collective interests. These ambassadors are entrusted with the responsibility of advocating for environmental stewardship, sustainable fishing practices, and cultural preservation, all while fostering a deeper sense of community and belonging.

Charting New Waters: GoFishPI's Journey of Empowerment and Advocacy

As we enter into another year with the GoFishPI program, we continue our voyage of discovery and advocacy tailored to the evolving needs and challenges of our Pacific Islander communities.

Each year, GoFishPI anchors its focus on a theme that resonates deeply with our people and their connection to the sea and fishing.

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In our inaugural year of 2022, we delved into critical issues like food security, understanding fishing rules and regulations, and maintaining community health amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19. It was a year of learning, adaptation, and resilience, where we collectively navigated the turbulent waters of a global pandemic while keeping our traditions and livelihoods afloat.


In 2023, our journey took a turn towards a more focused engagement with environmental issues. We concentrated on the impending Superfund cleanup – a topic of significant concern for our fishing communities. We recognized the urgent need to address the impact of this cleanup on our waters, our fish, and, ultimately, our people. This focus helped us raise awareness and prepare our community for the changes and challenges ahead.


Now, in 2024, driven by the feedback and experiences of our community, GoFishPI embarks on perhaps its most critical mission yet. Our primary goal is to organize and amplify the voices of our Pacific Islander communities. This year, we are dedicated to increasing our visibility, particularly concerning our needs and health issues as sustenance fishers. We face an array of challenges – from the increasing pollution and reduced access to healthy waters to the direct impact of climate change and economic hardship.

This year, GoFishPI is launching our GoFishPI Advisory Council. A council that stands for our people’s rights, health, and well-being. We are channeling our energies to ensure that our community’s voice is not just heard but also heeded. By uniting, we can advocate for cleaner waters, sustainable fishing practices, and the recognition of our unique challenges in the face of environmental and economic changes.


The GoFishPI Ambassadors are more than just representatives; they are custodians of our legacy and pioneers of our future. They will engage with various stakeholders, from local government bodies to environmental organizations, ensuring that the unique perspectives and needs of Pacific Islanders are recognized and integrated into state-wide policies and initiatives.

By bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, the GoFish program aspires to strengthen the bonds within our community, promote cultural awareness, and advocate for the well-being of our environment and people. It’s a journey of empowerment, connection, and heritage, celebrating the past while paving the way for a sustainable future.

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