Living Islands’ Exciting Visit to Knife River Corporation and Oregon State University

In the lead-up to the much-anticipated GoFish event, the team at Living Islands embarked on a productive visit to Knife River Corporation in Corvallis, a pivotal partner in our upcoming event. This visit wasn’t just a courtesy call; it was a vital step in ensuring the success of the GoFish event. Knife River Corporation, known for its commitment to community initiatives, has generously lent us space for the event, a gesture that speaks volumes of its dedication to local engagements and environmental stewardship. Our team was warmly welcomed and given a tour of the expansive grounds that will serve as the venue for GoFish. With its picturesque surroundings and ample space, the site is perfect for hosting the diverse range of activities planned, from fishing competitions to environmental workshops. This visit allowed us to visualize the event layout, ensuring that each segment of GoFish is seamlessly integrated into this beautiful natural setting.

The day’s journey continued with a visit to the Oregon State University (OSU) campus, where some of GoFish’s educational classes will be held. Stepping onto the OSU campus, we were immediately struck by the vibrant atmosphere and the state-of-the-art facilities that the university boasts. Our campus tour included visits to the classrooms and lecture halls where our workshops and seminars will occur. Equipped with the latest technology, these spaces will provide an ideal learning environment for our attendees to engage with experts on sustainable fishing practices and aquatic ecosystem preservation. The university‚Äôs enthusiastic support and world-class amenities are set to elevate the educational aspect of GoFish, making it a unique blend of fun and learning. This visit to OSU solidified our collaboration and inspired us by the potential for educational outreach and community engagement that GoFish will bring.

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