Aschlee Angelo

Aschlee Angelo


2024-03-27 Visiting the Arno Atoll Clinics

A Heartfelt Visit to Arno Atoll’s Health Clinics

Last week, the Living Islands Non-Profit team had the privilege of visiting the local health clinics on Arno Atoll in the Marshall Islands. It was an experience that filled us with profound respect and a renewed sense of purpose.

Due to its remote location, Arno Atoll, with its picturesque landscapes and vibrant communities, faces unique healthcare challenges. The local health clinics serve as a critical lifeline for the island’s inhabitants, providing essential medical services with limited resources. Witnessing the resilience and dedication of the health practitioners there was both humbling and inspiring.

Throughout our visit, we were struck by the stark contrast between the scarcity of resources available and the magnitude of the responsibility shouldered by the local health practitioners. Despite these challenges, they work tirelessly to provide care, demonstrating incredible ingenuity and dedication. Their commitment to their community’s well-being is nothing short of heroic.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Pacific Islands, Living Islands is more committed than ever to supporting these vital health clinics. We are exploring various initiatives to enhance healthcare access and quality on Arno Atoll. This includes supplying equipment, facilitating training, and improving clinic infrastructure. We aim to empower these clinics to continue their essential work under better conditions.

Our visit was a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of our global community and the impact of collective action. We left Arno Atoll inspired by the strength and spirit of its people, particularly the healthcare practitioners who serve with such dedication under challenging circumstances.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the health practitioners of Arno Atoll for welcoming us with open arms and for their unwavering commitment to their community. Your work is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of resilience and compassion. Living Islands looks forward to standing with you as we work together to improve healthcare on the Atoll.

Thank you to everyone who supports Living Islands Non-Profit. Your generosity and belief in our mission make this work possible. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those on Arno Atoll and beyond.


Ine, Arno Clinic

Arno, Arno Clinic

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GoFish 2024 Kick-Off at Clackamette Park: Embracing Culture and Heritage

Amidst the natural splendor of Clackamette Park, the Living Islands team embarked on a dual-purpose mission: capturing compelling footage for our Superfund PSAs and kick-starting the GoFish Ambassadors program.

This day was a significant milestone, as it not only contributed to our ongoing efforts to raise environmental awareness but also marked the beginning of a journey towards forming a state-wide Pacific Islander advisory council in February 2024!

By weaving in elements of our shared fashion and the rich history of fishing deeply rooted in Pacific Islander culture, we aimed to connect with our community on a profound level. The GoFish Ambassadors program is a testament to our commitment to engage with our community through culturally aware channels. It’s designed to empower members, enabling them to represent and advocate for our collective interests and heritage. This initiative represents more than just a meeting; it’s the foundation of a movement that will bring together voices from across the state, ensuring that the unique perspectives and needs of Pacific Islanders are heard and addressed.

As we wrapped up the day’s filming, we felt a surge of pride and anticipation for this program’s impact in strengthening our community ties and preserving our cultural legacy.

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Raising Awareness: Living Islands’ SuperFund Site PSA

In the serene backdrop of Cathedral Park, Portland, Oregon, the Living Islands team embarked on a crucial mission: filming a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the Superfund Site. This initiative is more than just a filming project; it’s a vital step towards raising awareness and driving education about environmental issues that significantly impact our Pacific Islander Communities. The majestic St. John Bridge towering above us served as a poignant reminder of the intertwining of natural beauty and our environmental challenges. Our focus was to shed light on the SuperFund Site’s complexities, highlighting how it affects our waterways, fish populations, and, consequently, the health and traditions of our communities. The presence of our team, armed with cameras and a sense of purpose, transformed the park into a stage for advocacy and education.

We have invited local experts, community leaders, and environmental activists to share their insights on the Superfund Site’s implications. Their testimonies, rich with knowledge and passion, brought to the forefront the importance of community engagement in environmental issues. Through this PSA, we aim to inform and inspire our Pacific Islander communities to become active participants in environmental stewardship.

The message we are sending is clear: awareness leads to action. As we wrapped up the filming, we felt a renewed sense of commitment to our cause. This PSA is just the beginning of our journey to ensure that our communities are not just informed but also empowered to make a difference in the face of environmental challenges.


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Exciting Collaboration Ahead with Brown Folks Fishing!

We at Living Islands are buzzing with excitement about our upcoming meeting with the inspiring team from Brown Folks Fishing! This collaboration represents a significant step forward in enriching our future GoFish programming.

Our rendezvous point is none other than Orvis, where we’ll delve into the fascinating details of the Salmon Super Highway program. This initiative holds immense significance, not just for the environmental health of our waterways but also for communities like ours, where fishing is an integral part of life. Understanding its impact on ecosystems and the livelihoods of Pacific Islander communities and others deeply engaged in fishing is crucial.

We look forward to an enlightening discussion and the potential of combining our efforts with Brown Folks Fishing to create more inclusive and impactful fishing experiences. The synergy of our shared goals and passions is bound to spark innovative ideas for future GoFish events, fostering a stronger, more diverse fishing community. Stay tuned for what promises to be a fruitful partnership!

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Day 2 of Living Islands’ GoFish Event: A Day Full of Learning and Sunshine

Day 2 of the Living Islands’ GoFish All-weekend Event was nothing short of spectacular, filled with outdoor learning and delightful Pacific Islander cuisine under the sunny skies.

Our enthusiastic participants dove into a series of informative outdoor classes that covered a wide range of topics, including fishing techniques, food security, water safety, and the impact of river pollution. These sessions were not just educational but interactive and engaging, encouraging everyone to stay connected with fishing as a vital community activity. We were incredibly fortunate to have experts from ODFW, Oregon Seagrant, OFB, and Portland Harbour Community Coalition, among other esteemed speakers, who shared their invaluable knowledge and insights, enhancing the overall learning experience.

The atmosphere was vibrant, and the energy infectious as community members, young and old, put their new skills to the test, with some even making their first catches! The joy and excitement of these moments were truly heartwarming.

The authentic Pacific Islander food served throughout the day was a gastronomic delight, adding a unique cultural flavor to the event.

The conversations, laughter, and shared experiences created a sense of unity and community spirit that embodied the essence of the GoFish event. As we wrap up another successful day, we’re filled with gratitude and anticipation. Today’s success only heightens our excitement for future events, and we can’t wait to bring this wonderful experience back next year!

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