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Raising Awareness: Living Islands’ SuperFund Site PSA

In the serene backdrop of Cathedral Park, Portland, Oregon, the Living Islands team embarked on a crucial mission: filming a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the Superfund Site. This initiative is more than just a filming project; it’s a vital step towards raising awareness and driving education about environmental issues that significantly impact our Pacific Islander Communities. The majestic St. John Bridge towering above us served as a poignant reminder of the intertwining of natural beauty and our environmental challenges. Our focus was to shed light on the SuperFund Site’s complexities, highlighting how it affects our waterways, fish populations, and, consequently, the health and traditions of our communities. The presence of our team, armed with cameras and a sense of purpose, transformed the park into a stage for advocacy and education.

We have invited local experts, community leaders, and environmental activists to share their insights on the Superfund Site’s implications. Their testimonies, rich with knowledge and passion, brought to the forefront the importance of community engagement in environmental issues. Through this PSA, we aim to inform and inspire our Pacific Islander communities to become active participants in environmental stewardship.

The message we are sending is clear: awareness leads to action. As we wrapped up the filming, we felt a renewed sense of commitment to our cause. This PSA is just the beginning of our journey to ensure that our communities are not just informed but also empowered to make a difference in the face of environmental challenges.


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