Heat Wave Support

Who to contact for a cooling unit

There is a waitlist for a unit, so please sign up well before the heat waves begin!

APANO is the main CBO for AA/NHPI community members, so please try them first.

Email: [email protected] – Phone: 971-340-4861

If APANO is completely out, you can try the organizations below as well:

  • Northwest Native Chamber (NNC) – [email protected] – Phone: 503-894-4525
  • Verde – [email protected] – Phone: 541-397-8834 / 541-936-3743 Apply Here
  • Ecumenical Ministry of Oregon (EMO) – Phone: 503-221-1054 ext. 218
  • Latino Network – Phone: 503-863-0022
  • Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) – Phone: 503-972-2464

For cooling right now, please visit the cooling site closest to you!

Last update Jun 12, 2023

For more information, Portland Clean Energy Fund.


Current Heat Map

Cooling Center Addresses

Find the complete list of cooling options here: Cooling Center Addresses


Why is cooling especially needed for NHPI?

The living areas for NHPI communities in the Greater Portland metropolitan area are closely aligned with the Portland Heat Islands. Living Islands’ Dr. James Millers has run several projects centered around Marshallese Placemaking in the Pacific Northwest and Oregon. If we compare his map for the general areas of NHPI families with the current Metro Heat Islands map:

We can see the match-up. Here are the maps overlayed:

In other words – for several reasons, NHPI families are generally settled in the exact location where Heat Islands are worst and are therefore impacted much worse than the average population.




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