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New Volunteers

Sign up as a volunteer

Thank you for considering being a volunteer for Living Islands. As a volunteer, you will be a critical part of Living Islands’ success, and every hour you donate to our projects means the world to our community and us!

Please go here to sign up http://linp.org/volunteer and then click “Fill in an application” in the upper right corner:


Interpreters and Translators

If you are interested in translating documents or being an onsite interpreter, please sign up using this form:


Current Volunteers

Tracking your hours

As our organization is steadily growing every year, we are trying to keep track of the time you so kindly donate to our projects, and whenever we possibly can, we try to compensate you for the time you spend helping us.

To do this, we are now encouraging everyone to sign up in our time-tracking volunteer portal:


Volunteer Portal

Please bookmark that link – you will be using it every time you log in hours or sign up to help at an event!