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Vaccination and food resources to nearly 200 Micronesians

Living Islands, Micronesian Islander Community, OMCA, Utopia PDX, and Village Church joined forces with Kaiser Permanente today to vaccinate and deliver food resources to nearly 200 Micronesians in Salem, Oregon.

Our next vaccination clinic will be a drive-through in Beaverton, on Saturday the 20th.

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Medical Mission 21 Kickoff with the RMI Planning Group

Medical Mission trips is a collaborative project between Living Islands Non-Profit and the Village Church organization for highly skilled medical professionals interested in donating their time and expertise in regions around the world.

The project’s goal is to help and assist where needs are identified, and their limited time is expected to make a positive impact.

As part of ensuring maximum benefits, the mission is fully structured around direct collaboration with the National Health Authorities and community partners in the Micronesian region.
The short-term goal focuses on addressing immediate medical needs that are not currently being addressed already.
The long-term goal is to create a culture of perpetual collaboration between the groups of doctors and healthcare professionals and the pacific island communities.

This weekend we officially kicked off the Medical Mission (MM21) project with a weekend-long meeting for the Marshall Islands workgroup.

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Living Islands Team getting Vaccinated

Getting our NHPI communities vaccinated is extermely important. Today we had a chance to get some team members vaccinated. Living Island is working with other PI community groups and OHA to get the vaccination out there.

Don’t wait. Get vaccinated as soon as you can!

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The last Christmas food drop-off

It’s been a long but rewarding month. Late tonight we dropped off the last meal for a Covid-19 isolated community member.

Next year we will do our best to continue to work with state, counties, and cities to provide more resources for our communities, but for now, it’s time for us to wish you all a safe and merry Christmas – may the next year provide better opportunities for us all.

Merry Christmas!

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