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Vaccination and food resources to nearly 200 Micronesians

Living Islands, Micronesian Islander Community, OMCA, Utopia PDX, and Village Church joined forces with Kaiser Permanente today to vaccinate and deliver food resources to nearly 200 Micronesians in Salem, Oregon.

Our next vaccination clinic will be a drive-through in Beaverton, on Saturday the 20th.

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Food donations to community members hit by Covid-19 in Salem

Our treasurer, Mailo, was running full speed today in Salem with the help of some local volunteers, handing out food to families currently affected by Covid-19. Thank you, Mailo, for all you do for our communities.

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Cultural Food Justice – Thanksgiving

Multnomah County has listened to the needs of our Pacific Islander communities and has given Living Islands a Cultural Food Justice grant. We will use this grant to supply elders, handicapped, and people with significant risks for Covid-19 with cultural-specific foods during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today we had the first of two Cultural Food Justice events and handed out Pig, Chicken, Parrot Fish, Taro Root and Leaves, Ginger, Star Fruit, et. al.

In all, we supplied more than 70+ food boxes, with more than 1000 Lb of Pig, 200 Chickens, and more than 100 Fish to five different Pacific Islander communities.

The next event will be on December 23rd. Be sure to sign up for our mail list to be notified when we have more information.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped, Multnomah County of course, as well as Oregon Valley Farm, Uwajimaya, Cash & Carry smart food services, CareOregon, Lake Oswego Blueprint, and Lake Oswego Starbucks.

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Financial Support for EOU Youth

Living Islands is proud to support our future Micronesian Pacific Islander students. It’s been a hard year; even harder for the students at Eastern Oregon University. Support is minimal for our Pacific Youth that is stranded at a shut-down campus, far away from family, and with no way of traveling back to the Islands. Thanks to a generous grant from Oregon Health Authority (OHA), we are able to support 40 students in La Grande, Oregon’s 962 Club with a little relief this Thanksgiving holiday.

Please keep all students in mind. Even before the pandemic, they were living on minimum budgets, and it’s only gotten worse.

If you can, support our future generation of Pacific Islander Academics, and send them money for rent and food.

You can also donate on our web page and write in the comment that you would like your donation to go to the Eastern Oregon Students!

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