Safety Alert!

If you are currently in a Domestic Violence situation, your internet activity may be monitored by your abuser or someone supporting your abuser.

Make sure to select the incognito/privacy mode by pressing Ctrl-Shift-N before going to the webpages about DV to prevent tracking!

If you accidentally went to this page while not being anonymous, please exit now, then go to your browsing history (most browsers use CTRL-H), and delete your recent history now.

Please use caution when browsing our website.

If you are experiencing domestic violence — or think you know someone that may need help — please call the Call to Safety (formerly the Portland Women’s Crisis Line) at (503) 235-5333 to learn about your options.

Learn more about safety planning and technology.

You can also contact Call to Safety’s 24/7 crisis line for support and information: (888) 235-5333.