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Exciting Collaboration Ahead with Brown Folks Fishing!

We at Living Islands are buzzing with excitement about our upcoming meeting with the inspiring team from Brown Folks Fishing! This collaboration represents a significant step forward in enriching our future GoFish programming.

Our rendezvous point is none other than Orvis, where we’ll delve into the fascinating details of the Salmon Super Highway program. This initiative holds immense significance, not just for the environmental health of our waterways but also for communities like ours, where fishing is an integral part of life. Understanding its impact on ecosystems and the livelihoods of Pacific Islander communities and others deeply engaged in fishing is crucial.

We look forward to an enlightening discussion and the potential of combining our efforts with Brown Folks Fishing to create more inclusive and impactful fishing experiences. The synergy of our shared goals and passions is bound to spark innovative ideas for future GoFish events, fostering a stronger, more diverse fishing community. Stay tuned for what promises to be a fruitful partnership!

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