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GoFish 2024 Kick-Off at Clackamette Park: Embracing Culture and Heritage

Amidst the natural splendor of Clackamette Park, the Living Islands team embarked on a dual-purpose mission: capturing compelling footage for our Superfund PSAs and kick-starting the GoFish Ambassadors program.

This day was a significant milestone, as it not only contributed to our ongoing efforts to raise environmental awareness but also marked the beginning of a journey towards forming a state-wide Pacific Islander advisory council in February 2024!

By weaving in elements of our shared fashion and the rich history of fishing deeply rooted in Pacific Islander culture, we aimed to connect with our community on a profound level. The GoFish Ambassadors program is a testament to our commitment to engage with our community through culturally aware channels. It’s designed to empower members, enabling them to represent and advocate for our collective interests and heritage. This initiative represents more than just a meeting; it’s the foundation of a movement that will bring together voices from across the state, ensuring that the unique perspectives and needs of Pacific Islanders are heard and addressed.

As we wrapped up the day’s filming, we felt a surge of pride and anticipation for this program’s impact in strengthening our community ties and preserving our cultural legacy.

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PI Voices Meeting about Hoops for Hope 24



Reflecting on Hoops for Hope Dinner and Future Plans

On July 11th 2024, Living Islands hosted a Hoops for Hope community dinner that gathered individuals that played a vital role in the process. They discusses the transformative power of basketball in the lives of Pacific Islander youth. Attendees came together to share their thoughts on the event’s success and to brainstorm ideas for its continued evolution.

Guests unanimously praised the event for providing a nurturing environment where young individuals could explore their potential and envision diverse paths to success. The combination of panel discussions and basketball games was particularly well-received, fostering not only skill development but also a strong sense of community and belonging among participants. As conversations unfolded, there was a shared enthusiasm for expanding the scope of the event in the coming year, with attendees expressing a keen desire to deepen their involvement and explore new opportunities for collaboration. In particular, discussions with Jay, sparked excitement about the possibility of incorporating a tour of Nike into next year’s program, offering young athletes exposure to new horizons and inspiration for their future endeavors.

As guests departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to empowering Pacific Islander youth through the transformative power of basketball. With a shared vision for the future and a commitment to continued collaboration, attendees left the dinner inspired to make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals within the community.

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Pacific Islander Voices: Hoops For Hope 2023

Bounce to a Brighter Future: Inspiring Pacific Islander Youth with Hoops for Hope

Basketball is more than just a game; it has the power to connect people and inspire dreams. In the Pacific Islander community, there are many talented individuals who did not take the traditional route to success. It is what inspired us to put on this event, to empower the youth and give them a chance to connect with elders in their community. Through this workshop, Hoops for Hope brings joy, hope, and a brighter future to the hearts of young Pacific Islanders. Let’s dive into the incredible work they do and how it guides these talented individuals forward!

Hoops for Hope: Empowering Pacific Islander Youth through Basketball Magic!

On Friday, June 23rd, 2023, Living Islands held their PI Voices: Hoops for Hope event at Parkrose Middle School. It was a remarkable initiative that used the universal language of basketball to make a positive impact on the lives of Pacific Islander youth. With their panel session, they created a safe and supportive environment for these young individuals to develop their skills, build confidence, and unlock their full potential. The passion and dedication of the community members at the Hoops for Hope event is truly remarkable, as they worked tirelessly to inspire and uplift the participants through honest discussions.

The goal of this workshop was to empower youth to see different options for their future careers. We wanted to showcase non-violent approaches to what success could look like. Success doesn’t have to mean higher education at a university, it can mean owning a business, learning a trade or even learning skills for a certification. As the speakers had open discussions and shared experiences, this event helped foster a sense of belonging and community among Pacific Islander male youth. After the session concluded, they had basketball games for the youth as well as community members to engage in. The transformative power of discussion and basketball is undeniable, as it instilled discipline, teamwork, and resilience within these young athletes.

We look forward to creating more spaces that encourages the connection between the youth and elders with the Pacific Islander community. Having discussions based on the idea of improving the quality of life for our youth is important especially for those living stateside. Living Islands is committed to supporting our communities and uplifting one another. Thank you to everyone who was apart of making this event possible, all of our youth who participated and our community members who shared their valuable experiences.

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Exciting Collaboration Ahead with Brown Folks Fishing!

We at Living Islands are buzzing with excitement about our upcoming meeting with the inspiring team from Brown Folks Fishing! This collaboration represents a significant step forward in enriching our future GoFish programming.

Our rendezvous point is none other than Orvis, where we’ll delve into the fascinating details of the Salmon Super Highway program. This initiative holds immense significance, not just for the environmental health of our waterways but also for communities like ours, where fishing is an integral part of life. Understanding its impact on ecosystems and the livelihoods of Pacific Islander communities and others deeply engaged in fishing is crucial.

We look forward to an enlightening discussion and the potential of combining our efforts with Brown Folks Fishing to create more inclusive and impactful fishing experiences. The synergy of our shared goals and passions is bound to spark innovative ideas for future GoFish events, fostering a stronger, more diverse fishing community. Stay tuned for what promises to be a fruitful partnership!

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