Community Health Focus for RMI, ROP, FSM

Medical Trip 2024

What is Medical Mission

Medical Mission Trips is a collaborative project between Living Islands Non-Profit and the Village Church organization for highly skilled medical professionals interested in donating their time and expertise in regions worldwide.

The project’s goal is to help and assist where needs are identified, and their limited time is expected to make a positive impact.

The mission is fully structured around direct collaboration with the National Health Authority and community partners in the Micronesian region to ensure maximum benefits.

The short-term goal focuses on addressing immediate medical needs that are not currently being addressed already.

The long-term goal is to create a culture of perpetual collaboration between the groups of doctors and healthcare professionals and the pacific island communities. 

Living Islands’ core values for our team

  • Respect the culture, the elders, and the leaders.
  • Trust is everything. Healing is 10% medicine and 90% trust.
  • Communicate. Listen to needs and wishes, and clearly communicate actions and intent.
  • Help only where needed. Pacific Islanders have grit; we are only here to help fill the gaps.
    Empower. Share knowledge, and encourage participation.
  • Innovate. Think of solutions. Borders are always perceived and are merely a lack of collaboration.
  • Love

Living Islands and
Village Church

Living Islands Non-Profit is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in Oregon, USA, serving the Micronesian people in both the Pacific and USA regions. Living Islands has completed cultural outreach programs, educational support, food distribution, and Covid-19 test sites for our communities in the USA and Canada, as well as several projects, such as school repairs, educational projects, and fiscal support for organizations in both the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Village Church is a church in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, with strong international ties and a mission to reach out and help. They have a running program with medical and dental support for India and the Middle East.

Medical Mission will be the first program in Palau for both organizations.

Team for MM21

Kianna Juda Angelo – Project Leader – Executive Director & Founder for Living Islands. Born in Namdrik, Republic of the Marshall Islands, adopted by an American family and raised in Vancouver, Washington. Kianna is also a co-founder of the COFA Alliance National Network (CANN), a board member of the Oregon Pacific Islander Coalition, a Healthy Columbia Willamette Community Steering Committee Member, Consulting Member for the Pacific Resilience Fund (Canada), a member of the UN association, and Partner in Multnomah County Pacific Islander Coalition.

Jesper Angelo – CIO/COO – Co-founder of Living Islands and Kianna’s Husband. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jesper is also co-founder of the COFA Alliance National Network. He is the CIO of the largest calcium carbonates mining company in the Pacific NW and Alaska. Jesper has a background in online information technology & cryptology and has worked with NATO, Apple, and IBM.  He is assigned to work as Living Islands logistics and technical manager overseeing the MM21 trip.

Team Leaders

Our Team leaders are essential for communications between home governments and community members here, stateside. These leaders are assigned to have 1-5 people under their leadership to help create workshops for our doctors, ensuring cultural introduction to each country the team will work in. These intense workshops will have in-depth knowledge targeting culture, health, community, politics, economics, and geography. We aim to positively impact the partnership through responsible and thoughtful education and awareness.

Team Leader – Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) – Mr. Dale Nabu

Team Leader – Republic of Palau (ROP) – Mrs. Sandi Wells

Team Leader – Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) – Mrs.Paulina Perman



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