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Local Food Resilience

Local Food Resilience

(Pilot Program)

A collaborative project between Living Islands Non-Profit and Lihn Mwoakilloa Inc. with funding from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership

Like so many other small atolls in the Pacific Region, Mwoakilloa Atoll (former Mokil Atoll) in the Federated States of Micronesia faces depopulation and food insecurities.

Lihn Mwoakilloa Inc. is a women-led organization addressing these issues in Mwoakilloa promoting sustainable life skills with reliance on traditional knowledge and practices. They promote historical preservation by empowering the present generation with the sustained use of traditional knowledge and practices at the community level through dance, music, arts and crafts, gardening, and cooking.

Self-reliance is predicated on producing sufficient local food resilience and minimize the dependency on imported goods. An essential household staple in Mwoakilloa (and the Pacific Region in general) is flour. Lihn Mwoakilloa Inc. is starting a program to educate the next generation and re-introduce local flour production from local produce.

Living Islands is proud to have helped sponsor this pilot project with the funding we so kindly received from Pacific Peoples’ Partnership.

We are now seeking additional funding to strengthen the education and expand the food resilience program.




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