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Arno Ine Community Church Roof Replacement

When visiting RMI in October 2018, we were brought to Ine on Arno Atoll to see a church roof that locals were concerned might be unsafe due to visible sagging in the ridge.

We did an observation by taking asbuilt measurements, photographing the structure, sketching connection details, and talking with local stakeholders and the history and use of the building in the community.

It was apparent to us that there did appear to be a significant risk — not only was the roof ridge sagging 12”- 16”, but the truss didn’t appear to be designed well enough for the long span loads that it was carrying, and when combined with the fact that this building type would be a place where many people might gather in inclement weather, it created a real concern about the potential outcome of a structural failure of that roof were there to be a storm.


We informed locals and building users about this concern (specifically that it might collapse in a storm, and that it shouldn’t be used), and then invited a structural engineer in the US to provide a second assessment (which confirmed our initial observations on the ground).



Currently, we are in the process of creating a new truss design that will be structurally sound (and potentially provide better light and ventilation) and expect to be wrapped up soon.

Senator Halferty has already procured donations for the building material, as well as a group of volunteers to disassemble the existing roof (which will be reused for building material elsewhere) and assemble the new one, with project completion expected 2019.

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