Education Social Awareness for Arno Atoll

Jr. Ocean Ambassador Camp

The Ocean and Beaches of the Marshall Islands have faced years of heavy external pollution, environmental neglect, and the full impact of global climate changes. Locally, the lack of education and awareness of waste management is causing a large part of the population to dispose of waste by simply dumping it into the Ocean. This has led to a large accumulation of garbage on the formerly pristine beaches of the Marshall Islands.

The Junior Ocean Ambassador Summer Camp will instill a personal investment in the oceans and climate for local youth, ages 10-18, through environmental education, hands-on marine science, and beach cleanup initiatives. In addition, the project is focusing on the connection between personal and environmental health, with a focus on individual wellness, physical health, and water safety. The two-week camp will promote daily physical activity, through swimming, stand up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and other water-based activities, while simultaneously teaching essential learnings about oceanic systems and a science-based approach to human impact on the natural world in the Pacific ocean.

The project is designed to encourage the young local communities to reclaim their beaches, instill a healthy sense of self, and personal ownership of the environment, and is a direct continuation of our environmental education initiative from 2015, that focuses on finding locally developed, culturally engaging, methods of teaching environmental issues to children and youth.

The program is being developed in collaboration with the WAM, WUTMI, CMI Marine Biology Department, Arno Atoll local government and the Marshall Islands EPA.

This project directly is geared towards the next generation concerning these key points.

  • Marine Education
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Exercise program through surf/snorkel/bodyboard
  • Nutrition
  • Safety Awareness through the Buddy system, Swimming, and First Aid training



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