National Marshallese Community Coalition: 2nd Annual Marshallese Leadership Summit 2023

Earlier this month, Living Islands had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the National Marshallese Community Coalition (NMCC) 2nd Annual Marshallese Leadership Summit held in Arkansas. This event brought together various community members, leaders, and organizations with a shared interest in the well-being and prosperity of the Marshallese community.

During the summit, Living Islands had the honor of delivering a comprehensive presentation that focused on navigating the intricate 501(c)3 application process. This process refers to the application for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code, which is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. By achieving this tax-exempt status, organizations like Living Islands can further their efforts and expand their positive impact within the community.

The presentation covered crucial aspects of the 501(c)3 application process, including the necessary steps, documentation requirements, and best practices for ensuring a successful and smooth application. By sharing this valuable knowledge, Living Islands aimed to empower other community-based organizations in their journey to obtain tax-exempt status, thereby facilitating their growth and ability to serve their missions effectively.

Kommol tata to NMCC and to all who attended!

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