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GoFish All-Weekend Event Kicks Off with an Educational and Cultural Bang!

The first day of Living Islands’ GoFish All-weekend Event was inspirational, marking a fantastic start to a weekend packed with learning, community, and fishing fun.

The day was dedicated to enriching classes covering a wide array of topics, from fishing rules and engagement strategies to important COVID-19 restrictions and fostering positive community interactions.

Participants had the unique opportunity to hear from an impressive lineup of speakers, including experts from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon SeaGrant, Oregon Food Bank (OFB), and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), among others.

These sessions weren’t just informative; they were interactive and engaging, sparking lively discussions and a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and joys of fishing. The diversity of topics ensured that every participant, regardless of their fishing experience, was left with valuable knowledge and a heightened sense of environmental stewardship.

As the sun set, the atmosphere shifted from educational to cultural, culminating in a traditional Kava circle that perfectly ended the day. This cultural gathering was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of community and shared stories. Participants from various backgrounds came together, sharing tales of their fishing adventures, life experiences, and personal connections to the sport and nature. The Kava circle was a reminder of the deep-rooted traditions that fishing encompasses, transcending beyond just a hobby to a way of life for many. This bonding experience set a warm and welcoming tone for the rest of the weekend.

With day one setting a high bar, the anticipation for tomorrow’s day of fishing is sky-high. We can’t wait to take all that we’ve learned and apply it on the water, where rods will be cast, and memories will be made!


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