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Living Islands is starting a new program that aims to strengthen the Micronesian community network(s) in the Pacific Northwest and to empower the Micronesian population living here. Through this program, Living Islands will advocate on behalf of the Pacific Northwest Micronesian population and act as a resource to help new Micronesian community members (Micronesian immigrants) acclimate to their new lives in America.

Eventually, we plan to open a number of regional community/cultural centers in the Pacific Northwest. At present, Living Islands is launching this program with a series of half-day educational seminars that aim to build a stronger community network and assist new community members as they prepare for and overcome the many barriers and challenges that are faced by modern Micronesian immigrants. These seminars will be organized and directed by informed Micronesian community members. They will feature knowledgeable keynote speakers and serve range of educational and community networking purposes. In order to make these seminars as beneficial as possible, we are reaching out to you.

In order to tailor our program to meet the exact needs of the Micronesian community, Living Islands must assess and understand the true challenges that Pacific Northwest Micronesian residents and immigrants face today. Only then can we adequately evaluate our community outreach network and make it stronger.

As we continue to create and build this program, your help is much needed and greatly appreciated. Your invaluable input will help us make these seminars more helpful and more meaningful for each attendee. The following questions will help us better understand what specific political, social, cultural, financial, and institutional barriers are most challenging for today’s Micronesian immigrant. They will also assist us in our ability to address and solve each of these issues.


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