After95, Voices Rising, Mark Harmony, and Arkansas

Living Islands have always put an emphasis on preserving, revitalizing, and promoting Micronesian culture (That’s why we build an outrigger in Portland).

Right now we are honored to sponsor After95 in the next phase of their ‘Voices Rising’ project. Last Thursday, we sent the team to Arkansas to meet with the community and local Marshallese talents. They hit the ground running, meeting with Consul General Eldon Alik at the RMI consulate, followed by their first meeting with Mark Harmony. During their stay, they will be meeting up with the local Marshallese Communities and in particular local Marshallese Music and Poetry talents, to document their journey.

We here at Living Islands are incredibly proud to support this documentary and would encourage everyone to help support their efforts, so please head over to http://linp.org/vr and hit the donate button to support them.

Update: After95 Creative team got to document the first day of recording a new original song from Mark Harmony for their ‘Voices Rising’ project.

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