Food Security

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Cultural Food Justice – Thanksgiving

Multnomah County has listened to the needs of our Pacific Islander communities and has given Living Islands a Cultural Food Justice grant. We will use this grant to supply elders, handicapped, and people with significant risks for Covid-19 with cultural-specific foods during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today we had the first of two Cultural Food Justice events and handed out Pig, Chicken, Parrot Fish, Taro Root and Leaves, Ginger, Star Fruit, et. al.

In all, we supplied more than 70+ food boxes, with more than 1000 Lb of Pig, 200 Chickens, and more than 100 Fish to five different Pacific Islander communities.

The next event will be on December 23rd. Be sure to sign up for our mail list to be notified when we have more information.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped, Multnomah County of course, as well as Oregon Valley Farm, Uwajimaya, Cash & Carry smart food services, CareOregon, Lake Oswego Blueprint, and Lake Oswego Starbucks.

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Operation HOPE – 485 Care Packages

Living Islands has joined as one of the community partners in Operation HOPE, to help support people in need across all communities. So far we were able to send out 485 care packages to the following organizations:

  • Forest Grove Beehive
  • The Hawthorne House
  • Marquis Forest Grove
  • Open Door
  • Brookdale
  • Safe Place
  • Bradley Angle
  • Family Promise of Tualatin Valley
  • Transitions
  • Home Plate Youth

Consider donating to any of these charities this winter. They all need it to do their work!

Operation H.O.P.E. stands for Health, Outreach, Partner, and Encourage. The mission this winter is to partner with non-profit organizations to provide care packages to be distributed among our communities to those experiencing homelessness. Care packages include a mask, hand sanitizer, candy, a woolen item, and a personalized item.

If you or someone you know is interested in donating supplies, please contact us for more information here.

This program is done in partnership with the Oregon Volunteer Council and Intel Involved.


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Operation HOPE – Bradley Angle

Living Islands is all about networking and communities. We spend most of our time working with the Micronesian Communities, but we are also very aware that our Micronesian Communities are part of our greater communities here in the USA, and we are always ready to reach out and help across the communities.

We have joined as one of the community partners in Operation HOPE, to help support people in need across all communities.

Today Operation HOPE fulfilled an order request for 30 bags to Bradley Angle, whose mission is to serve all people affected by domestic violence. Bradley Angle value the dignity and personal story of everyone who comes to them for support, and respect that survivors should have control over their own lives. They do this by placing people experiencing, or at risk of, domestic violence at the center of our services and providing them with safety, education, empowerment, healing, and hope. All of Bradley Angle’s services are free and rely on the generosity and support of our supporters.

Domestic Violence is on the rise this year, in large parts because of the Pandemic. If you, or someone you know, is in a Domestic Violence situation, please call their helpline at (503) 235-5333 or visit their website at https://bradleyangle.org/.

If you are currently in a Domestic Violence situation, make sure to select the incognito/privacy mode by pressing Ctrl-Shift-N before going to the webpage to prevent tracking!

For more DV resources, you can also visit our page here: http://linp.org/dv

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