Junior Ocean Ambassadors Camp

The Leadership Team

Jacob Shimkus

Jake Shimkus – Environmental Director

Jake Shimkus is deeply passionate about environmental conservation and education. In 2015, he piloted the Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) with Living Islands on Majuro Atoll, laying the groundwork for the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp. In his current capacity, Jake manages the volunteer logistics for the camp and team schedule. A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Jake is an avid trail runner, skier, and cyclist.


Alden Glinert

Alden Glinert – Camp Lead

Alden Glinert is a former teacher in Portland, Oregon, and avid conservationist. After visiting Arno, Arno with the Living Islands team visit in 2017, Kianna and Alden came up with the initial concept for the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp to be hosted on Arno. In his current role, Alden leads the curriculum development and media design for the camp. When not coming up with creative new videos, Alden is an avid surfer and an expert baker.


Kya Roumimper

Kya Roumimper – Camp Lead

Kya Roumimper served as a teacher on Arno atoll through the World Teach program in 2016. Following her time in the islands, Kya worked with Living Islands to launch their water project to bring potable water to schools in the islands. A passionate educator and expert in nonprofit grant-writing, Kya currently leads the team’s funding efforts and program design efforts.

United Nations Commitment

The Junior Ocean Ambassadors Camp is a part of the larger Junior Ocean Ambassadors Program aimed at amplifying the voices of Pacific Island communities in the fight for ocean conservation. Watch our Environmental Director, Jake Shimkus, introduce the Junior Ocean Ambassadors Program to the world at the first United Nations Oceans Conference in 2017.

While the start date and some of the details have changed, the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp remains our steadfast commitment to the globe to foster the next generation of leaders for ocean conservation. Read more about the original UN Commitment HERE.