Junior Ocean Ambassadors Camp

Camp Details
Due to Covid-19 the Camp has been postponed to no sooner than summer of 2021. If you have already applied, your application will be kept and we will contact you at a later date.


By engaging students in essential learning on ocean sciences, communication and storytelling practice, and daily physical activity, the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp is designed to empower Pacific youth with leadership skills, instill a healthy sense of self, and build a deep dedication to ocean advocacy.

Together with our partners in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and around the world, Living Islands is excited to host the 2020 Junior Ocean Ambassadors camp in Arno, Arno.

The Camp will bring together experts in ocean science, conservation, and local culture with students from across the South Pacific to foster the next generation of leaders in ocean advocacy.

Join us in supporting South Pacific youth and building the future of our oceans, today!