JOAC Donations

Support the Jr. Ocean Ambassador Camp

Whether you can contribute a funds, supplies, or just help us get out the word, your support of the Junior Ocean Ambassadors Camp makes a huge difference for the lives of South Pacific youth and the future of our oceans.


Help Sponsor a Student

Help make the Junior Ocean Ambassadors camp accessible to all students by contributing to our scholarship program! For the months of November and December, donate to the scholarship fund through our Facebook Fundraiser! Whether you can give one dollar or fifty, or can help spread the word by sharing this with your facebook community, your contribution makes a huge difference!

Give Gear and Supplies

Have lightly used water sports equipment, camping gear, or school supplies? Does your company want to donate materials to a good cause? Then help us meet our goals by providing an in-kind donation. We're looking for supplies from surf boards to clip boards, fishing nets to mosquito nets. Take a look at the list below for a list of requested donations, and send a note to [email protected] to let us know what you would like to contribute.

Sports Equipment Learning Supplies Camp Gear
  • ✓ Soccer Balls
  • ✓ Kick Boards
  • ✓ Surf Boards
  • ✓ Snorkels
  • ✓ Stand-Up Paddle Boards
  • ✓ Life Jackets
  • ✓ Flippers
  • ✓ Pens & Pencils (new)
  • ✓ Paper pads (legal)
  • ✓ Clipboards
  • ✓ Fishing Nets
  • ✓ Microscope (handheald or stand)
  • ✓ Magnifying glasses
  • ✓ Pipettes
  • ✓ Flashlights & Headlamps
  • ✓ Sleeping Mats
  • ✓ Mosquitto Nets
  • ✓ Sheets
  • ✓ Pillows
  • ✓ Toothbrushes (new)
  • ✓ Soap & Shampoo (new)
  • ✓ Insect Repellant

Give to Living Islands

There are many other ways to support the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp and Living Islands at large. Check out our Giving Page for more information.