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Marshallese Cultural Health Forum

The Marshallese Cultural Health Forum (MCHF) serves as a platform to explore and address the unique health challenges faced by the communities from the Republic of Marshall Islands. As you may know, the Marshallese people have a rich cultural heritage that spans centuries, but unfortunately, they also face significant health disparities that require our immediate attention and action.

This event will give the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals, share their expertise, learn about the latest health information and data, and gain a deeper understanding of the specific health needs of the Marshallese population.

The MCHF will feature engaging keynote speakers and collaborative panel discussions centered around addressing healthcare and disparities within the Marshallese community based on the latest information about the community as seen through a culturally aware lens. This forum will also include the newest in Marshallese Health Data and vital information about cultural approaches to working with the communities.


  • Republic of the Marshall Islands Minister of Health Ota Kisino
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands Hospitals Chief of Staff Dr. Robert Maddison
  • University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Dr. Sheldon Riklon
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands Secretary of Health Francyne Wase-Jacklick
  • Living Islands Director of Health Cruzko Ward
  • Community Organizer Virginia Luka
  • Stanford Professor Dr. Barbara Rose Johnston
  • and more!

If you work with or for the people from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Micronesian communities, or with NHPI NGOs, CBOs, or CHWs, then this forum is a must for you!

Join us at the Marshallese Cultural Health Forum conference on August 30th, 2023.

Village Church
330 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005

Registration is mandatory

To confirm your participation or for any inquiries, please reply or contact our Head of Administration, Miss Roselynna Quinit ([email protected]), or sign up at the link

Cost of Event

We believe that a deeper understanding of the Marshallese culture in connection with health and healthcare is vital for a healthier community, so because of this, the event is designed to be free to anyone supporting our Marshallese communities in the Healthcare and Health-related fields. Feel free to extend the invitation to participate to colleagues in the field as well.


Support the Event

While the event is free to participants, it is not free to arrange. Living Islands is diligently working on completing funding for this event. If your organization has support funding available, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Kianna Angelo
Executive Director and Founder, Living Island Non-Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (971) 220-5484



Conference Budget

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