Keep it Clean

Arno Atoll, the location for this Pilot Project, is comprised of 133 islands and three lagoons. On the Southwest tip of the Atoll lies the community of Arno, Arno. Arno Elementary School does not have a water catchment or a bathroom. Students spend roughly eight hours a day at the school, either in class or playing in the schoolyard. With temperatures averaging above 85 degrees every day the students are hot and thirsty. However, without access to a clean water source, they are often forced to ignore their thirst until they can get home. If they are uncomfortable they might choose to walk home to their own water catchment or well. This takes students away from valuable class time and puts them at risk for injury. Most likely, students will spend a half hour walking home only to stay home for the rest of the day.


Then and Now: A Historical Photo Expo

The Photo Expo will be about the growing Micronesian population in the USA, with focus on the current impact of climate change and forced migration as well as the nuclear testing legacy, told through pictures taken of people who lived in the islands 20-30 years ago with new pictures of the same people today, some here some in the Islands, and their stories next to the photos.